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Creative Nonfiction Writing & Self-Publishing for Nurses

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Do you have a message you want to share with the world? Have you always wanted to write and publish a book? Do you want to be a nurse author? Are you ready to learn step-by-step how to write, self-publish and market your book? If you answered yes, this self-paced e-course is for you! Jump start your writing whether as a hobby or the next stage of your nursing career! Instructor: Mary Ghazarian MN, NP-PHC Self-published author of the best-selling self-help and career development book for nurses, Nursing Wisely. Course Outline: Module 1: Introduction to Writing for Nurses - Understanding the importance of effective communication in nursing - Identifying target audiences and tailoring content - Developing a nursing writing style Module 2: Mastering the Writing Process - Crafting compelling narratives for healthcare settings - Utilizing storytelling techniques in non-fiction - Overcoming common writing challenges in nursing Module 3: Editing Essentials for Nurse Authors - Editing strategies for clarity and coherence - Grammar and style guidelines specific to nursing literature - Peer review and feedback techniques Module 4: Navigating the Self-Publishing Landscape - Overview of self-publishing platforms and tools - Formatting and designing your nursing book - Understanding copyright and legal considerations Module 5: Effective Self-Marketing Strategies - Building an author platform in the nursing community - Leveraging social media for book promotion - Networking and collaborating with healthcare professionals Module 6: Navigating Challenges in Nurse Authorship - Addressing ethical considerations in healthcare writing - Overcoming writer's block and burnout - Handling feedback and criticism professionally Module 7: Finalizing Your Nurse Author Journey - Creating a professional author bio - Developing a sustainable writing routine - Celebrating success and ongoing professional growth Sign up now and get started!

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