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This exclusive signed edition of Nursing Wisely is the perfect addition to any nurse's library. 


Embark on a journey of self-discovery with Nursing WISELY and unlock your true potential.

Let Mary Ghazarian MN, NP-PHC, a seasoned nurse psychotherapist, career coach, and entrepreneur, guide you through a series of introspective exercises designed to help you align your professional path with your true passions and aspirations. Nursing WISELY empowers you to thrive, while still embracing the core values of nursing.

Using her own experience and deep understanding of the challenging healthcare landscape, Mary’s transformative framework focuses on six pillars.

In Nursing WISELY you’ll discover how to:

  • prioritize growth and focus your energy,
  • ignite your passion for the profession,
  • create a legacy,
  • become empowered to own your nursing story,
  • tap into your wisdom and unlock limitless potential, and
  • take action to set yourself on a path to your ideal nursing career.

Whether you're just starting out or are looking to reignite your passion for the profession, this is the book that every nurse needs to read.

Buy the book and embark on your transformative journey to shape the future of your nursing career today!

What readers are saying:

"Mary’s passion for breaking boundaries and expanding possibilities is inspiring.” -Dr. Michelle Acorn

"I wish I had read this book years and years ago, but truly this book is TIMELESS. I can see this book inspire and have an impact on nurses in any stage of their nursing careers." - Cheng Pan MN, NP

"The author takes readers on an exciting self-discovery journey. Each chapter helps the reader find new self-discovery and empowers them to realize their full potential. I think new grad nurses and nurses who are well-established in their careers would find a pearl of new wisdom in Nursing Wisely." - Bella Grunfeld MN, NP

"I enjoyed the book. It’s very easy to read with lots of practical tips and a digestible framework that all nurses can understand!" - Michelle Hosie BScN, RN

"This needs to be on every nurse’s bedside table. It resonates with me as I wanted to dive deep into this personally and get what I can from the book. Many tears and smiles as I self-reflect going through this book. I personally love Mary’s realness and self-reflection." - Nadine Shaban-Teriaky, MN, NP

This book also makes a great nurse gift!

Gift this nurse authored book for a birthday, holiday, nursing week, or back to school gift for a nurse or nursing student in your life!

Nursing Wisely Signed Paperback (Canada only)


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