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Goal Setting for 2018!

If you made New Years Resolutions January 1, revisit them now!

If you made resolutions, but haven’t set goals create them now!

If you haven’t already downloaded my 2018 Make It Count Goal Setting Guide take a moment to download it now! Read to the end of this post to find out how to get it free for a limited time!

Your goals need attention. They are selfish children. You should love them, but they should follow you wherever you go and hold your hand as you cross the street. Goals demand attention!

Maybe you have set goals in the past and then not met them. You believe goal setting is pointless. I’m telling you it is not! I’m going to teach you to goal set the right way in order to guarantee results.

Remember, success is often the product of multiple failures. I always remind my clients who are attempting to quit smoking that it takes on average 7-14 attempts to quit smoking. This will hold true with most attempts to change.

Quit attempts are not failures, the only failure is to not attempt to quit! You can replace “quit” with any goal you have.

If we all gave up learning to walk the first time we fell we would all still be crawling.

I love this saying because it reminds us that nothing is ever a failure and everything is a learning experience.

As toddlers we fell over and over before we were able to get up and run. As children we quickly got back up to run after tripping and scraping a knee. No big deal!

We didn’t even consciously think about our fall. We didn’t replay the fall over and over in our minds. We didn’t spend hours analyzing how to prevent falling again. We didn’t kick ourselves for how silly we looked or how ugly our knees were after we fell.

It’s almost as though we automatically improved, but we forget about the perseverance we had and the fun we had learning! As an adult, most of us have forgotten how to get back up and how to have fun doing it!

We created the idea of failure and labeled it negative instead of positive.

There is nothing wrong with failing, there is only a problem with not trying and denying yourself the life you truly want.

I’ve made goal setting easy in my 2018 Make It Count Goal Setting Workbook. If you haven’t already downloaded your copy. Now is the time! You can get your copy free for a limited time by signing up to my weekly newsletter.

Look forward to my next post that will tell you how to make your goals stick by setting “To be” goals instead of “to do” goals!

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