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Top 5 Daily Actions for a Stellar 2019

Congratulations! You've made it to 2019! What a tremendously special accomplishment!

Do you ever think about how fortunate you are to be here in the time of internet, fast transportation, indoor plumbing and general abundance?

A time where your biggest problem is to will yourself off your plush couch from your binge of Netflix to move your body and pursue your dreams?

You've overcome the challenges of 2018. Perhaps you've faced a critical illness, crippling debt, divorce, addiction, and loss of loved ones. Perhaps some of those challenges have followed you into 2019.

Perhaps you've accomplished great things! Gained more independence, increased your strength and endurance, finished school, gotten married, had a baby, become an empty-nester, left an unhealthy relationship, got a new job, got a raise, or paid off your student loan!

Take a moment to celebrate all that 2018 was and to put your mind in a place where you can be excited for all that 2019 will bring!

I want you to have your best year yet in 2019! By the end of the year no matter what happens, I want you to be able to look back without regret.

No thoughts of if only or what if.

Only the knowledge that you did what you set out to do and stayed true to yourself.

Here are 5 daily actions for a stellar 2019!

1. Change Your Paradigm

Imagine you live in a balloon.

Maybe your balloon is clear or pink or blue or filled with confetti.

You can't access the world beyond the latex walls of the balloon.

Your balloon is surrounded by other balloons, most of them similar to yours, but some very different.

And, sometimes the balloon shrinks and you feel cramped.

Other times some extra air or helium is added to your balloon and you feel more free and uplifted.

But, you never get to experience what is outside of the balloon.

You think that what is beyond your reach isn't mean't for you.

Only for others.

Others are the people who don't live in a balloon.

You secretly wish you could be like the others, but your balloon is safe and meets most of your basic needs.

A paradigm is your typical pattern in your thoughts and views. It is a combination of your conscious and unconscious mind.

Your balloon is your paradigm. It is the limit you set for yourself consciously and unconsciously.

If you long for something different, you will need to burst your balloon and change your paradigm.

The first step is to reflect and determine what boundaries you have set for yourself.

Do this easy exercise to determine your mental boundary around your monetary worth:

Did you grow up poor and from that memory have always considered yourself poor? Perhaps middle class? Perhaps from the 1%? No matter, anyone can determine their mental boundary around money.

Ask yourself what your time is worth? If you were asked to give a one hour speech on a topic you love and would consider yourself an expert in, what would you charge?











Which of those numbers makes you feel most uncomfortable to think about charging?

Did you get to $100,000 and think, who am I Oprah?

Whatever number you settled on, that is your boundary.

You can do this exercise with anything. For example, what about relationships?

Do you push away a date after the 1st date, 3rd date, 1 year of marriage? Did your parents divorce when you were ten leaving you to think a loving relationship is not worth pursuing or your marriage will end in divorce? Maybe there was some other event.

Or, maybe your parents and their parents and all of the people you know are happily married and you consistently stay in relationships that are unhealthy for you because you think divorce or being alone are the worst fate anyone could experience.

Once you know where your paradigm or patterns and boundaries are you can work on changing them for the positive.

2. Set and Revisit Goals

Are you sick of hearing about goal setting and New Years resolutions?

Did you promise yourself that this year you would buck the trend and rebel against goal setting?

Goal setting when done right is a secret weapon. Read about goal setting here to learn how

or download my 2019 Goal Setting Guide.

Once you've set clear, realistic goals, you can not simply put them in a diary on the shelf and hope your goals appear by 2020.

You need to put them somewhere you will revisit them at least every 4 months.

But, I challenge you to revisit them daily!

Write them down with your finest pen and paper and put them under your pillow, by your tooth brush, by your daily multivitamin, on your dog's leash, in your shoe, on your fridge, on your mirror and so on.

You need to check-in frequently to remind yourself of your goals and make daily small achievable steps to reach them.

Successful people aren't just lucky, they make themselves lucky!

3. Be '-ENT'

Persistent, resilient, consistent, confident.

These -ent words are your keys to success.

Take daily action and trust the process.

You may not accomplish much in a day, but you can accomplish more than you can imagine in 365 days.

For example, want radiant skin?

It takes 30 days for your skin to turn over.

Drink 8 glasses of water and avoid caffeine, sugar and alcohol for one day and you probably won't notice any difference.

Do it for 30 days, and you will be glowing!

4. Hydrate

Headaches, constipation, dull skin and nails, brain fog, fatigue.

These are all symptoms of dehydration.

You are two thirds water.

You need somewhere around 8 glasses of water daily. More if you are active or if the air is dry. Coffee and alcohol don't count.

Many people are dehydrated.

You may think you are well hydrated because you aren't thirsty. But if you are drinking less than a litre a day without a medical reason to drink such little water, you have probably been dehydrated for quite some time and your thirst mechanism has been shut off.

To increase your water intake more easily add some lemon, lime, watermelon, or berries to your water.

5. Move

Most people sit for on average 10 hours a day!

If you sleep 8 hours and sit for 10 hours, that leaves 6 hours for movement.

Our bodies are built for movement.

Many of us are so fortunate to have easy access to all of our basic needs such as food, water and shelter.

Thanks to technology most people have sedentary jobs. Sitting in front of a computer for the majority of the day at work is the norm.

Then, when we get home television, tablets, smartphones, video games and computers are all used for hours while sitting or reclining.

We even eat with tech in hand.

Perhaps you don't even cook these days and order in from an app. So the hour you would spend in kitchen you now spend browsing social media.

Offset your sitting by getting in vigorous activity daily. If you don't know how to get started reach out to someone who does. Maybe this is a fit friend, co-worker who participates in Dragon Boat racing most weekends, the local college that trains students to become personal trainers or physiotherapists, your local personal training studio, or an online personal trainer.

Find out what you do and don't like. You don't have to become a marathon runner if jogging hurts your knees and you don't have to become a ballroom dancer if you've never had rhythm since birth.

If you like being alone chose a solo activity, if you like being around people chose small group personal training or a team sport.

The key is to take the first step and take it again everyday to get moving.

There you have it.

The 5 Daily Actions that will propel you forward in 2019!

What help taking the first step or shifting your paradigm?

Then, send me a message or comment below!

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