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5 Steps to Overcome Nurse Imposter Syndrome

An NP in an online forum for NPs recently asked, "When does the feeling of imposter syndrome go away? Any resources for how to overcome nurse imposter syndrome?"

Responses flooded in:

"I'm 20 years in and still feel like an imposter"

"Still feeling imposter syndrome after 5 years"

"12 years as an NP and I still feel nurse imposter syndrome"

Everyone could relate to the feelings of self-doubt despite their vast accomplishments, but no one offered advice to overcome imposter syndrome. Perhaps, they had been too caught up in all the demands of nursing and covering up their feelings to be able to process their fear of failure or being found out.

Do you ever feel like everyone else seems to know what they’re doing? You’re definitely not alone!

Imposter syndrome makes us feel like a fake or a fraud and generally like we are not good enough. Feeling like an imposter can hold us back in our lives and nursing careers and it is important to take active steps to overcome it. Many nurses struggle with imposter syndrome and it doesn't simply go away when we graduate or get a promotion. Most nurses whether RPN, RN, or NP and from novice to expert all feel imposter syndrome at some point in their career.

5 Steps to Overcome Nurse Imposter Syndrome

  1. Build a Support System: You need people in your personal and professional life who build you up

  2. Self-Affirmation: Give yourself credit for your accomplishments

  3. Build effective routines & rituals: Reflection, organization and healthy habits go a long way

  4. Apply principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT): Reframe by shifting from negative to positive

  5. Acceptance: Accept that perfection is unrealistic and costly

You can't afford to feel like an imposter indefinitely! If you want to learn how to apply these techniques and you are ready to overcome nurse imposter syndrome register below for my course for a self-guided journey to control over your self-doubt. increase your confidence, and to feel as successful as you really are!


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