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Success Strategy: Think Who not How

How will I reach my dream?

How will I make it through the week?

How will I survive at work?

Have you been asking yourself questions like this and getting no where?

Stop right now! You're asking the wrong questions to achieve your dreams!

Read on to find out how to change your question and change your answer!

Change How to Who!

Who will help me?

Who has accomplished my dream?

Who can take me to the next level?

Successful people ask who, not how!

If you were raised like I was, you were taught to work hard to accomplish your goals!

Work hard and be rewarded!

Show your work!

Short cuts don't count!

That is faulty or incomplete advice!

Add the following to your success repertoire:

Work smart!

I'll never forget when I heard that advice in high school from one of the students who regularly received top marks and academic awards! I spent countless hours studying, writing my essays, completing projects in solitude. I had really good grades, but despite my efforts I was never as outstanding as they were.

What I realize now is that the high achieving student was gifted mentally, but also in their social supports. They didn't re-invent the wheel or come up with answers and essay arguments in a vacuum! They had a village to help them!

It takes a village!

I didn't have family members who could advise or help me edit. None of my immediate family, aunts, uncles or cousins were high academic achievers. My social circle and role models were working class people with working class jobs. I didn't have a helping hand up.

Working smarter, not harder doesn't mean doing no work at all. It means recognizing your limitations and identifying others who can help you get to the next level.

Instead of overextending yourself, bring in supports.

If your strength is in creating brilliant ideas, but you have a hard time putting them on paper then you need to find someone who is great at translating your ideas into concrete actions. If you are practical and logical, maybe you need someone who is whimsical to add creativity and make your ideas soar.

Many people get stuck in thinking they are the reason for their success and discount the value others can bring.

Whether you have writers block, career stagnation, or a cycle of ho-hum health habits - recognize your limitation and identify someone to help you break free.

Instead of asking how you will get yourself out of your funk and to the next level, ask yourself who you will recruit to get you there!

When I had a goal to do my first chin-up I hired a trainer who helped me get there in 30 days! It would have taken me several months on my own!

When I wanted to get a career in healthcare I enrolled in a university to get trained by experts! When I wanted to reach the next level in my nursing career I delayed and delayed even though I knew the next step on the success ladder. Finally, I enrolled at the master's level! Again, through a predictable path of "hiring" the right professors I achieved the next level of success!

Do you have a friend working in an industry you're interested in? Ask them how they got there and if they can help guide you or put in a recommendation to the hiring manager at their company.

Do you want to fix a personality flaw that is holding you back? Hire a success coach!

Are you working 60 hours a week and still have requests for your expertise or products flooding in? Time to find an assistant!

Are you a great business person, but lousy with organizational skills? Time to hire a manager!

If you're finding yourself stuck and wondering how you are going to get yourself out of your current situation and to your next goal - ask who!

Ready to ask who and work with an expert? Send me a message on the home page to get started!

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