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5 Steps to Start a Nursing Independent Practice

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The most common question I get from nurses is, "How do I start a business?"

Many Nurses and Nurse Practitioners dream of running their own independent practice or nurse business, working in specialty areas they are passionate about, and controlling their own schedules. But how do you get started?

Starting an independent nurse practitioner (NP) practice requires careful planning and preparation. Here are five steps to consider:

5 Questions to Get Started in Independent Practice

1. What specialty area or target population do you want to work in?

A popular word you might hear for this is to define your "niche." This means getting as specific as possible for the population you want to work with. This can be more general like primary health care or more specific like individuals experiencing menopause. Imagine the type of person who would walk through your clinic doors seeking your expertise. Give them a name, think about what their hobbies might be, do they have a family, are they retired? The better vision you start out with, the easier it will be to see your path forward.

2. What problems do I want to solve and how will I solve them?

For example, if your interest is primary health care and you want to solve the problem of access to primary care you have options. Will you fill a need in an under-serviced area by opening your own clinic? Or, will you offer locum coverage services for other primary care providers to give yourself more flexibility?

3. What will make your business unique and special?

Defining your value proposition makes it easier to set you apart in order to sell your products and services.

4. What are your knowledge gaps?

Whatever your area of interest is ask yourself if you have the knowledge, skill, and judgment to build a practice in that area. If not, make a list of things you need to learn to be successful. This extends to entrepreneurial knowledge. Do you need specific guidance on the steps to opening a business such as how to register your business? Who can help you with this and where can you find more education?

5. Who will be on your team?

No one builds a business in a vacuum. For success, you may need a referral network, a team of colleagues to cheer you on, mentors to speed up your journey, and a qualified accountant and lawyer. You may need to hire employees and decide on the technology to help you streamline your systems such as an electronic medical record system and website host. What people and resources can you identify right off the bat?

Once you have these 5 questions answered you are ready to get started with completing your business plan, setting up your practice, and creating a marketing plan to get your first clients through the door - or virtual door if you're providing services online!

Are you ready to build your roadmap to your dream NP Independent Practice?

Stop turning your wheels and take action!

Register here for my self-guided virtual course that will streamline the steps you need to take so you can build your 12-week plan to your Independent Practice.


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