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7 Questions to Get to the Next Level in Your Nursing Career

What does it mean to advance your career?

Do you want more money?

More autonomy?

More respect?

To do research?

Remain in patient care, but to switch to another area of practice?

Get really honest about your goals and interests.

There are limitless opportunities at the beside, in the community, in education, in research, in entrepreneurship, in consulting….

To narrow it down ask yourself:

1. What would make my career feel worthwhile (ie what is worth giving my time, energy and possibly money to pursuing)?

2. What am I interested in?

3. What can I do to sustain my career long term? Think all the way to retirement.

4. What do I need to feel empowered in my career?

5. Are there any limiting beliefs holding me back from pursuing my true worth, interests and career goals?

6. What do you need in your career to be able to put yourself first?



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