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Super Food Recipe: Purple Protein Smoothie

What should you do when you're craving something sweet right now?

Blend up this delicious smoothie in less than 5 minutes!

Not only will this smoothie hit the sweet spot, but you'll also get 2-3 servings of fruits and vegetables, 25 grams of protein and tons of nutrition!

Smoothies are perfect as a meal or snack.

They also feel like a treat and are a great alternative to sugary treats like ice cream or gelato.

The stars of this super food smoothie are: Blueberries, Spinach and Protein!

Top 7 Benefits of Blueberries and Spinach:

1. High in antioxidants

2. Help fight cancer

3. Amp up weight loss

4. Boost brain health

5. Alleviate inflammation

6. Support digestion

7. Promote heart health

Top 8 Benefits of Increasing Protein:

1. Boost muscle mass

2. Manage weight by filling you up

3. Stabilize blood sugar levels

4. Improved mood

5. Promote brain function

6. Maintain strong bones

7. Protect heart health

8. Slow aging and promote longevity

Purple Protein Smoothie

Serves: 1

1 scoop vanilla or chocolate protein powder (I'm currently using Designs for Health PurePaleo)

1/2 cup frozen blueberries

1 cup of raw organic spinach

1/2 medium avocado

1 cup of unsweetened organic almond milk

1. Add all the ingredients to a blender cup

2. Blend.

3. Enjoy!

Make this smoothie for breakfast to start your day right!

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