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Stretch Yourself!

Are all of your goals achievable and realistic?

You've set you bar too low!

Stretch yourself! Go for something you really, really want!

Not only that - go for something you really, really want and don't think you can do!

It's not easy to come up with a goal like that! So, go ahead and write down 3 of these magical goals! Right now!


We all live within our comfort zone.

I can say that because up until recently, I also lived within my comfort zone! Until recently, I set goals I knew I could accomplish and would guarantee a comfortable life.

I put aside the goals that I was really excited about, but would really stretch me and challenge my ego - like creating a website for myself!

I went to high school, applied to university, got in, did my 4 years and got a degree.

I became a Registered Nurse, got an entry level job at a teaching hospital, and I took all the opportunities that came my way instead of seeking the opportunities I was I excited about.

I took opportunities that other people told me I would be good at - I was usually not following my passion.

But, there were pivotal experiences where I felt completely aligned, excited and unsure if I could pull off. For example, when I created a nursing conference that brought together hundreds of nurses to learn and grow from each other's experience!

It was a few years after that conference before I woke again from a fugue state of shift work and created another big goal for myself. But again, my goal was comfortable and familiar. I applied to university again for a Master's degree and became a Nurse Practitioner.

Getting degrees are tremendous accomplishments! But, Colleges and Universities are set up to get you from A to B safely. And, if you chose your major based on what you think is possible for you instead of what you are passionate about you may find yourself struggling to keep the excitement for your career long-term.


Everything in our lives is directly tied to our self image...that includes:

The amount of joy we experience.

The amount of money we earn.

The connections and relationships we enjoy in our lives.

How we feel on a daily a basis.

And the list goes on.

While accomplishing easy goals can give you a temporary happiness - improving your self-image produces lasting results!

Think of a time you accomplished something you didn't think was possible?

What about a time you got something you didn't feel worthy of receiving?

Now, look back at the goals you wrote down earlier.

Are these the goals you have a burning desire to accomplish?

Will accomplishing these goals bring abundance, joy and wealth?

Are your goals based on limiting beliefs about what you can accomplish or what you are worthy of accomplishing?

Be honest with yourself. If these goals don't give you nervous excitement, rewrite your goals!

Aim 10x higher!

Don't aim for average! The average person with average goals isn't satisfied with their life!

Don't settle for an average amount of success.

Or an average amount of health.

Or an average amount finances.

Or an average relationship with your significant other.

Or an average relationship with your kids.

Or an average job.

Or an average paycheque.

Or an average commute.

Or an average education.

Create stretch goals! Create goals that guarantee you will blow past what you thought was possible! Beyond average, beyond comfortable and into extraordinary!

Give yourself permission to create big things in your life and go forth and create them!

What are your stretch goals? Comment below to let me know!

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