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4 Steps to Hitting Your Goals!

I'm sharing my easy 4 step process to make sure you hit your goals!

Not only that, I'm sharing a crucial bonus tip that will accelerate your success!

Step 1:Set your Goals!

Through my previous blogs you've read about how to set a goal, to-be goals and stretch goals. But how do you get motivated and stay motivated toward reaching your goals. And how do you know if you've chosen the right goals?

Most people chose superficial, familiar, and socially acceptable goals.

They are easiest to come up with and our brains like easy things.

Not only that, but we are not taught to think into the future! No one tells us to think beyond the point of hitting the goal.

We're just encouraged to hit the goal! Score a point for the home team!

So, how do we make sure our goals really get us going in the morning not just tomorrow, or next week or the week after, but forever!

Step 2: Imagine Life After Accomplishing your Goal!

Imagine what will happen after you achieve your goals.

What domino effect will reaching your goals have?

If your goal is to own a Mercedes Benz, what will life look like once you have that dream car?

You can imagine driving your shiny new toy around town. Showing it off. Driving it to and from work and the gym. What does that feel like the first week? What about as time passes? What does that feel like 6 months later. Eventually your purchase won't be so new and shiny. You will be left with a big payment to look forward to every month. That big payment may give you unnecessary stress as more of your paycheque goes towards a car you no longer have butterfly feelings for. Maybe you will feel stuck in that job that causes you to panic every Sunday night just thinking about walking into work on Monday morning in order to continue making car payments.

Was this your intention when you made the goal of owning a Mercedes?

Maybe your goal is to lose ten pounds because you believe this will make you happy.

Take the time to imagine your life after losing ten pounds. Will you feel more confident? Will you be more likely to pursue things you aren't pursing today because of how you feel about your body? Will you still have the same house, job, or partner? How happy will you be on a scale of 1 to 10 and what is that number compared to how you feel today? Will there still be unresolved issues to tackle that are contributing to your unhappiness today? What are the other unresolved issues?

By using your imagination, you can evaluate the value of your goal after meeting it before you've even taken a step toward it.

This doesn't mean losing ten pounds or having nice things are unworthy goals! But, over time the lustre and excitement of superficial goals may wear off.

Step 3: Identify the Real Problem!

There is enough trouble in figuring out how to set a goal and get to the goal that most people figure they will deal with the rest when they get there.

You can set the right goals by solving your problems.

Identify your problems by imagining life beyond your goals.

Have you wanted to lose 10 pounds for the last year, 5 years, 10 years? Have you been successful in losing the weight in the past, but you regained the weight? Why or why not?

Have you moved on to your dream job, but still found yourself to be unhappy with your career? Why is that? Could you have predicted it by being honest with yourself and imagining your future in that role before you took the new position?

When we ask ourselves the right questions, are honest with ourselves, and use the power of our imagination - one of the most underrated and poorly understood aspects of the life changing tool we call our brain - we can solve our problems!

Step 4: Get your Brain to Work at Problem Solving!

Our brains love a challenge! They love to problem solve.

Crosswords. Sudoku. Puzzles. We can sit and work on these problems for hours for pleasure! We get lost in the joy of solving puzzle games and work tirelessly to complete them.

How many times have you gone to bed with a problem and woken up with an answer?

If we trust the very powerful computer in our heads, it will deliver for us!

Get to the root problem associated with your goals. Identify it. Name it. And put your brain to work to solve it!

Bonus Tip: The Power of Asking for Help!

Not only do we love to solve puzzles, but other people get a kick of happiness from helping!

One of the most powerful moments in my career came from getting up the courage to ask for help - or more specifically ask for money!

I was planning a Nursing conference for the first time. A conference that had never existed before!

The problem I had planning a conference was the budget, which had been $0!

I discussed the issue with a mentor who recommended asking the Chief of Nursing for - wait for it - $10 000!

I thought that was crazy. I was a lowly staff nurse, and $10 000 was well beyond one month of my salary at the time!

But, I did it. I made an appointment. I practiced my pitch. And, I asked the Chief of Nursing to Show Me the Money! To my surprise - she did!

Not only did she agree to fund the conference, but I she agreed to be the Keynote speaker!

Often when we ask for help we get much more in return than we thought was possible!

Most people want to see you succeed!

You simply have to ask!

Recruit friends, family, and experts to help you solve your problems!

The 4 steps are 1.Create a goal! 2. Imagine life after hitting your goal! 3. Identify your real problem! 4. Get your brain to work at problem solving! Bonus tip: Use the power of asking for help!

Do you need help to reach your goals or to identify your problems? I'd love to help you!

Go to my contact form and send me a message or leave a message in the comments below!

You can also join my e-mail list by adding your contact information below to receive updates and time-limited special offers!

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