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The Number One Way to Increase Productivity Right Now!

What is it that you need to accomplish most right now?

What is most important and most urgent?

What is your top priority?

Not your top three – your absolute top one priority?

The enemy of productivity is procrastination!

The advice I'm about to give you is so simple you might feel it couldn’t possibly be the answer to your productivity problem! But it is!

Here it is:

The best way to be the most productive right now is to choose the one most important thing for you to do and to do it!

Block out all other distractions.

Turn off your phone.

Unplug your wifi (if your task doesn’t require the internet).

Send your partner out to walk the dog.

Stop multitasking. Start focusing. Keep going until it’s done.

Once you’re able follow through with this simple advice you’ll be ready for more tips to increase your productivity even more!

Check back in for more productivity tips to guarantee success!

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