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Are You Taking Action or Stuck in Avoidance?

Do you ‘should’ yourself all day, every day?

I should work-out. I should eat better. I should cook my own food. I go to sleep early.

I should walk more. I should watch less tv. I should lose some weight. I should meditate. I should drink more water. I should see a doctor about the lump in my neck. I should see a naturopath about my bloating. I should keep a food log. I should do what my personal trainer told me to do.

How stressed did reading those statements make you feel?

Are these the thoughts that are automatically playing in your head while you’re busy having fun (in denial)?

Is there something that feels not quite right to you right now?

Are you perpetually too busy to do the things you really want to do?

Is it because you are avoiding what you should really be confronting?

Your health is your greatest resource.

When we’re feeling healthy we often don’t even think about our health!

Our minds are free to think about all the awesome things we can do.

Have fun. Go on vacation. Make millions. Create a passionate relationship. Invest in yourself.

How did those statements make you feel?

Pretty excited?

Me too!

That’s the difference between thinking in ‘shoulds’ and taking action!

Take action

Spoiler alert – Your health and happiness are in your control!

Ever notice how you feel awful when you’re thinking about going to the gym, but awesome once you are mid-workout?

Or you dread going to work Monday morning, but you find yourself lost in your work by noon?

Most people take their lives for granted until they no longer have it.

They avoid creating health and decide there is no way to change it.

Once they no longer have their health, many people think they’re doomed forever as if their health is outside of their control. And we move away from action and towards avoiding.

Avoiding is as much an action as doing. In fact, it’s often more work to live in dread, worry and guilt than to face and act on the ‘should’.

Transformation is an action!

Stop ‘should’-ing yourself and start living again!

Not sure how where to start taking action? Feel overwhelmed?

Contact me and let’s get started!

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