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Top 3 Limiting Beliefs to Change Today!

Imagine you're a kid in a field blowing bubbles with your friends.

Your goal is to create the bubble without having it pop.

So you blow a little bit and make a little bubble.


You look to your right and yours friends are struggling! One is blowing too hard popping their bubble before it even begins to form. Another is sitting down picking dandelions.

You look to your left and your friends are doing phenomenally! One friend is blowing bubbles several times the size of yours. Another is blowing bubbles of many sizes in great numbers.

What do you do next?

Do you feel better off than the friends to your right and settle on blowing small bubbles?

Do you feel guilty you are better at blowing bubbles than the friends to your right, so you stop blowing bubbles to prevent hurting their feelings?

Do you feel encouraged by the friends to you left and practice until your bubbles match or even exceed theirs?

Do you decide your bubbles will never compare to those of the friends' to the left and give up?

Do you feel the friends to your left must have better bubble making tools that you don't have access to?

Different people - depending on their underlying belief system - will take different actions.

What are the underlying beliefs that are limiting you?

Here are the top 3 limiting beliefs I hear in my practice:

1. I'm better off than my peers and that's good enough.

I heard from a client recently, "I'm working part-time in my field. I'm not making enough to pay the bills, but I'm better off that a lot of my classmates. So, I guess I should be happy"

Is being better off than your peers a reason to deprive yourself of reaching the goals you originally set out to achieve?

Why hold yourself to the standard of others and not to your own standard?

Don't compare yourself to your under-achieving peers.

Thank the universe for your place in the world. Gratitude is very important.

But, don't stop there - good enough is not always good enough!

Ask the universe to help you achieve more!

Keep taking the steps to achieve your goals.

2. My options are limited.

Do you feel:

You are limited only to the job postings on popular job posting sites.

You are limited only to your social circle.

You are limited only to your profession.

You are limited only to your race or religion.

I can't even count the times I've heard "I'm just a nurse" from my colleagues who diminish their knowledge and capabilities.

Step in to the land of possibilities.

Possibilities exist in the imagination.

Do you remember what your imagination is?

As a refresher - as adults we commonly refer to our imagination as "daydreaming".

Common daydreams are winning the lottery, vacationing somewhere with a beautiful azure blue beach, or being swept off our feet by the loves of our lives.

Instead of letting your mind run away, harness your power to imagine your desired future.

Don't limit yourself to being "just" someone or achieving "just" something.

Dreaming you will one day be able to make all your minimum bills payments is a nice dream, but falls short of what is possible.

3. I don't have the ability/passion/motivation/tools/education.

I frequently ask people what their passion is.

The most common response is: I have no freaking clue!

So, I ask: But if you did know - what would you say?

Often individuals hit a mental block with the first question. They feel if they don't have the answer immediately, there must be no answer at all. Or, they are holding back from fear.

Instead, after thinking about the question a bit longer, most people come up with something - something being infinitely better than nothing. Something can be worked with and elaborated on.

Whenever you don't have something you think you need to accomplish a goal you can think of it in 2 ways: as a barrier, an obstacle or an opportunity.

If you think of it as a barrier - you are calling it insurmountable. You feel you will never get past it.

If you think of it as an obstacle - you are thinking about it as a problem to solve. You will look for a solution.

If you think of it as an opportunity - you are thinking about exciting possibilities. You will sail forward.

Endeavour to eliminate the word barrier from your vocabulary - instead think in terms of obstacles and opportunities.

Change your limiting beliefs and change your future!

Change your life by:

1. Not settling for good enough

2. Embracing possibilities

3. Overcoming obstacles and embracing opportunities

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