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Are You Balancing the 7 Dimensions of Wellness? Take this quiz.

Wellness is a dynamic process of becoming aware of and making conscious choices toward a more balanced and healthy lifestyle.

It includes learning new coping and communication skills that address both the positive and negative aspects of human existence.

The concept of wellness includes seven dimensions.

Assess your current 7 dimensions of wellness by reading the questions below and noting whether your current behaviour falls into the category of never, sometimes, often, or always.

Although this is not a scientific questionnaire, it will help you become more aware of your current level of wellness and what changes, if any, you might want to make.

Social wellness: the process of creating and maintaining healthy relationships.

1. I communicate honestly and directly. I resolve conflict in a healthy, timely manner.

2. I give and take equally in cooperative relationships.

3. I treat every person with respect.

4. I use my economic resources to support social responsible choices.

5. I maintain a strong mutual, interdependent social support system.

Physical wellness: the process of having a flexible, aerobically, muscularly fit body.

1. I maintain a consistent exercise regime consisting of flexibility and muscular strengthening exercises and at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise daily.

2. I balance the amount of food I eat with the amount of exercise. My body fat is in a healthy range for my age and no more than 20% of my calories are coming from fat.

3. I manage stress and do some activity that elicits the "relaxation response" for at least 15 min./day.

4. I abstain from addictions including caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, and drugs both over-the-counter and illicit.

5. I take proactive steps to avoid and prevent injury, illness and disease (including sexually transmitted diseases).

Emotional wellness: the process of creating and maintaining a positive realistic self concept and enthusiasm about life.

1. I recognize that I create my own feelings and am responsible for them.

2. I can express all ranges of feelings including hurt, sadness, fear, anger and joy and manage related behaviours in a healthy way.

3. I accept and appreciate my worth as a human being.

4. I avoid blaming other people or situations for my feelings and behaviours.

5. I can realistically assess my limitations and cope effectively with stress and ego.

Career wellness: the process of making and maintaining choices that are meaningful and contributes to your personal growth as well as work.

1. I have chosen a job role that I enjoy and that matches my values and lifestyle.

2. I have developed marketable job skills and keep them current.

3. I balance work with play and other aspects of my life.

4. I earn enough money to meet my needs and save to provide economic stability for myself and/or family.

5. My work benefits individuals and or society.

Intellectual wellness: the process of using your mind to create a greater understanding of yourself and the universe.

1. I view learning as a lifelong process and question my views and change them in accordance with new information.

2. I listen to ideas different from my own and constantly re-examine my judgements on social, cultural, gender, race, ethical and political issues.

3. I take risks, learn from my mistakes and question authority.

4. I appreciate and explore the creative arts of theatre, dance, music and expressive art.

5. I seek opportunities that challenge my critical thinking skills.

Environmental wellness: the process of making choices to create sustainable human and ecological communities, improving qualities in air, water, land and space.

1. I am moving toward limiting my acquisitions to those that contribute to sustainability.

2. I eat low on the food chain and minimize eating products that require a disproportionately high cost to deliver.

3. I live in harmony with nature and the universe.

4. I take personal and social responsibility for creating sustainable communities with chemically free air, water and soil.

5. I recognize my impact on the environment and take deliberate action to minimize my impact, including responsible population control.

Spiritual wellness: the process of "experiencing life" while seeking meaning and purpose in human existence. Spirituality allows one to have consistency between values and behaviours.

1. I have a deep appreciation for the depth of life, death and understanding universal human connection or consciousness.

2. I recognize that there are many spiritual paths and that every spiritual tradition recognizes and teaches basic precepts or laws of wise and conscious human conduct.

3. I integrate my "spiritual practice" within everyday life of work, family and relationships.

4. I appreciate the individual uniqueness, diversity and need for connectedness among all people.

5. I have a consistency between my beliefs, values and behaviours.

Notice areas where you have answered mostly never or sometimes.

Work on these aspects of your wellness to improve your overall wellbeing.

Need help? Reach out to me for coaching that will take you from stressed to best!

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